ETAL has a highly qualified engineering team and utilizes the best training programs and equipment to stay on the cutting edge in this competitive field.


Route Survey

Based on the particulars of abnormal packages, ETAL’s technical team conducts required route studies to choose the optimum route from port of entry to final destination.
Complete survey report is given to our client explaining conclusions reached.
Any suggested route reclamations, strengthening works for bridges, removal of street fixtures, etc. are done by sub-contractors under the supervision of our civil engineering consultant.
The civil work is technically checked by the Governmental Authorities who issue the permits for transport of the abnormal cargo.

Route Survey

See brief route survey example

Method Statement

ETAL prepares Method Statements for the handling of abnormal packages.
Statements explain in detail the procedures to be followed and equipment, materials and time required.


Intermediate Storage calculation.

We design the temporary storage system of beams and stools according to engineering calculations based on package weight and dimensions and ground bearing pressure.


Lashing calculation

We calculate the required lashing to secure the package on the trailer during transport.


Hydraulic& structural stability

We check the hydraulic and structural stability for every package we transport.



We prepare maneuver drawings of critical points for the entire route and the site access road.

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