The company was established in 1984 under the Investment Law. Initially, 46% of the company was owned by UK shareholders and 54% by Egyptian investors. EGYTRANS was one of the shareholders and the main UK shareholder was Rigging Int’l.

In the beginning, the company had 21 employees and a capital of 328000 EGP divided over 32800 shares of 10 EGP each.
At the beginning, ETAL had 18 axles for two hydraulic trailers and two prime movers each with 480 hp and a variety of auxiliaries.

The heaviest package transported during that stage was in 1987 for the Suez 4 power station and consisted of a steam turbine of 280 tons.


Important changes took place in 1988 including:

  1. Transfer to Egyptian rather than foreign management.
  2. Increase of equipment with an additional 14 axles of Cometto plus two prime movers as part of a deal with SADEIMI to secure 5 power station projects around Egypt
    In 1989, ETAL transported the heaviest package to date for Damietta power station consisting of a generator weighing 310 tons.
    ETAL secured many projects up to 1998, mainly power stations, cement plants and petro chemical plants. However it was not able to operate profitably and in April 1998, the company went bankrupt. Egytrans purchased it completely and it began to operate with full Egyptian management.
    The first major heavy lift transport performed after that was a fractionator weighing 285 tons with a length of 86m and diameter of 7.8m to the SIDPEC petrochemical project at Ameriya near Alexandria in November 1998.
    In 2005, ETAL began carrying out major engineering works to facilitate heavy lift transport such as strengthening about 21 bridges by using girder beams to transport a gas turbine weighing 285 tons and other heavy lift packages to Cairo North power station.
    Using the same concept in 2008, 4 bridges were fortified to transport a gas turbine weighing 378 tons and other heavy lift packages to Al Atf power station using Nicolas 1x3x16 axles temporary imported for this purpose.

In 2010 the capital was raised to become 8000000 EGP with certified capital of 25 million EGP.

By May 2011 ETAL had successfully achieved the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Certification.
  • ISO 14001 Enviromental Management Certification .

Since then ETAL has captured a major share of the heavy lift transport in the market. The company continues to invest in new and diverse equipment. In 2012, it imported 40 axles brand new Scheuerle with auxiliaries and 3 prime movers 8×4 MAN 660 hp.

In 2013, ETAL’s capital was raised to 25 million EGP with certified capital of 250 million EGP. The company now has 28 employees.

At the start of 2013 a deal was reached for new equipment to be used mainly for the transport of wind power mills (blades and towers)

  • 6×4 fifth wheels 5 MAN and 1 Mercedes each 480 HP
  • Three telescopic semi-trailers opening up to 47m.
  • Three telescopic semi-trailers opening up to 55m.
  • Two semi-telescopic low-bed trailers of 90 cm height opening up to 30m.