Giza North Project “Transformers” Case Study

Six transformers of weight 146.5 tons each and dimensions 7.42 m x 4.31 m x 5.10 m were transported from Adabiya port up to the site location at El Khatatba.

The transportation operation was performed using different means of transportation to avoid crossing over the Ring Road bridges as the axial load exceeded the permissible limit.

At the beginning, the transformers were stored at Adabiya port then transported to El Tebbeen river port after preparing the ground and the quay to receive heavy packages then they were loaded by crane on the barges in the water.

The barges arrived at El Khatatba temporary jetty, which had been prepared to receive the packages a few kilometers away from the site location. The packages were then loaded once more by crane on trailers to be ready for transport to their final destination at the site.
Finally, the transformers arrived at the site and were offloaded in front of their respective bases.