Gabal el Zeet Wind Farm Project Case Study

ETAL had the opportunity to transport the blades and the hubs of Gabal El Zeet wind farm. The blades are 37.50 tons each with dimensions 40.5 m x 4.22 m x 3.00 m and the hubs are 24.00 tons each with dimensions 4.00 m x 3.50 m x 3.50 m.

24 blades and 24 hubs have been transported out of 100 blades and 100 hubs. The packages are stored at Alexandria port. The blades are being transported using the newly purchased Faymonville telescopic trailers and the dollies purchased from Egytrans, while the hubs are being transported using the low bed trailers which were also purchased from Egytrans. All of the equipment is being trucked using new trucks.