New equipment added to ETAL’s fleet “Intercombi power booster”

The intercombi power booster is the newest member in ETAL’s equipment family. And by that ETAL has become the first transportation company in Egypt to own the Scheuerle intercombi axles with a power booster
The intercombi power booster will facilitate the following operations:

  1. As thrust machine:
    As soon as the tractor no longer has sufficient power to manage the incline, the driving gear starts automatically, thus; providing sufficient thrust. The additional driving gear also shuts off automatically once the incline has been overcome.
  2. In-house transport and hard maneuvers:
    For in-house transport, the drive unit PPU can be uncoupled from the tractor and can be controlled as a self – propelled transport combination using a mobile control unit. The hydrostatic drive , lifting and lowering functions, hydraulic steering brake system and electric power supply can also be controlled using this unit .
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